About Us


Founded in 2015, M.A.R.C. is dedicated to the sport of model aircraft. Our club offers “Crash Free” instruction to new pilots by an AMA certified flight instructor with over 35 years experience. His training program was perfected during his 20+ years of instructing students at Port City RC. The training program focuses on safe and proper flying techniques. We have club members both young and old that showcase their aeronautic ability as well as their model building skill. Planes, helicopters, multi-rotors, foamies, etc. If it can leave the ground, we have someone that flies it.
M.A.R.C. is a community of people that share a passion for remote controlled aircraft. Please join us for one of our events, inquire about our club, or submit a membership application. Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership is required for all M.A.R.C. members.